Marin Community Foundation - "How Change Happens."

This image isn’t the greatest, but the site we developed actually is. (For which Chris Inclenrock deserves all the credit. But the overall concept – that effective giving is manifested through change you can see and feel – that’s me.)
I encourage you to see the website for yourself at

The cover and opening spread from a big 4-color Wall Street Journal tip-in we did. (Yes, it was recyclable.)

…and here’s the rest.
BODY COPY: “Change your community. Change the world. If you want to make a difference, the Marin Community Foundation gives you smarter, more effective ways to do it. Our philanthropic advisers are experts at helping you craft a personal giving strategy. Set up a meeting today at 415.454.2100 and let MCF help you get the most out of what you give.”

Brand Video. CW: Hugh Gurin AD/Edit: Todd Ransick

Collateral. You can see the individual pages from the tip-in are easily converted into direct mail postcards and/or event posters. There’s the obligatory coffee mug, and my personal favorite – cocktail napkins embedded with wildflower seeds. Just toss them on the ground and they grow.


Website redesign and collateral aimed at convincing Very Busy Young Affluents that every dollar they donate through Marin Community Foundation delivers maximum philanthropic ROI.


ACD-Copy, CW.


Marin Community Foundation/Mortar, San Francisco.




Website, collateral.